At the Innate Chiropractic Center, our slogan is, “Be Fit, Eat Right, Think Well” and “Healthy Life, Quality Care”.

What does that mean?

chiropractor lansing About UsSimply that chiropractic care, though often overlooked, can not only offer relief from minor aches and pains, it can also contribute toward improving your overall health.

Chiropractic is a holistic approach to health care, which focuses not just on localized symptoms, but considers the whole-body approach to healing. A problem in one part of the body may affect other areas of the body in ways that may not be appreciated when the healer is focusing only on local symptoms.

Dr. Dennis Weinstein embraces the holistic philosophy toward healing, and so will employ a comprehensive approach toward diagnosing, treating, and healing your illness or injury.

And that’s why – for our patients – better health DOES begin here.

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Dr. Dennis Weinstein educates by example, he lives a healthy lifestyle and is a competitive athlete!
He recently came in 3rd place at the Holt Triathlon and 1st place at the Capital Area Humane Society 5k. These accomplishments didn’t come easy since he is a bodybuilder.
Dr. Dennis Weinstein was also “Voted Holt’s Favorite Chiropractor by the Lansing State Journal People’s Choice Awards!”

But of course, YOUR better health can’t begin here until YOU are here, so call us today at 517-481-2629 to arrange for your free consultation.